Music for Corporate Wellness

This is a program designed to boost team building, self-confidence, creative thinking, quicker problem solving for your business. Discover the NEW science of music and how it profoundly and positively develops the brain.
Music for corporate Wellness

Businesses often invest in employee wellbeing for expected business outcomes: nutrition, fitness, team building, even meditation to address issues of productivity and leadership. Today, a wide variety of industries and multinational companies acknowledge the need for efficient mental health programs for their workforce. They are seeking effective strategies to improve employee wellbeing as well as diminishing the costs of reduced productivity.

Music for Corporate Wellness is one such successful innovative and proven solution.
Music for corporate Wellness

Music for Corporate Wellness is based on principles and elements of Music Therapy, but is in essence a spontaneous fun-music making program, organized to tackle employee well-being by the activation of specific brain functions, to enhance concentration, decision-making by regulating stressful emotions.Participants for this program are:

  • Individuals who never had the chance to learn and play a musical instrument.
  • Those looking to de-stress and chill out for better work output
  • Seeking to meet people, and making fun music
  • Committed to team building
  • Seeking self-confidence, concentration, memory
  • Discovering the simple but powerful joy of music making
  • Understanding the neuroplasticity of the brain

The program is divided in three levels:

Music passion


Entry level one is recommended to individuals with no prior experience in music, those who never learnt any music, or who believe they have no musical abilities, or were not given the chance to do so. This population will find out how music instantly relaxes and how to have “the time of your life” in a cool fun, safe environment.


People who have some experience in making music or singing but with no longer the time to enjoy their music would benefit more from this level. We will dust off the rust and get the “music genie” grinning again. It works well for those who have acquired some skills already, so the interactions are seamless between all. Expect some intense music-making but very rewarding. This group can inspire others, especially beginners, when mixing both levels of ability. A great format for team building!

Music program levels


A more advanced session for already experienced musicians but who also lack the time to play and want to chill out, wishing to add new skills, such as reading music and playing with others in an open and creative space. This could be the cultivating grounds for those willing to lead in otherA collective public performance may be an alternate optional (enjoyable) outcome, no strings attached!!

Music impacts many aspects of our health. For example, with increased practice, the amygdala shrinks and the prefrontal cortex (associated with skills like concentration and decision-making) gets bigger. This retraining and restructuring of the brain means the learned benefits of music-making, like reducing stress, can become innate and permanent. Studies show music impacts numerous stress-related biomarkers in positive ways, including blood pressure decrease and stabilizing heart rate.