Music Therapy

Group Music Wellbeing

To all non-Musicians: let’s make Music instantly! Relax and have the fun of all Life!

This program is for those who never learnt an instrument and yet would love to feel how it is to make music instantly and with a group. No prior musical knowledge strictly required. It is also an activity to release the stress of your week!

For the musically experienced participants, they are identified in advance and given supporting roles to the beginners

Based on principles of music therapy, this course focuses on the spontaneous creativity of each participant, individual self-confidence, fostering on social bonds, and active group dynamics.

A powerful endorphin-releaser, to chill out during the week-end after a hectic time at work or at home or both! Let the “feel-good hormones” rule the day.

We guarantee 2 hours of fun, laughter and musical amazement as people discover and unveil some mysterious forces from within!! (Inborn talent)

Please enquire for price and location.


Individual Sessions Music therapy can be defined as the use of musical elements (such as rhythm, sounds of all types, melodies, tone colour, vocals, chords etc.) to achieve a non-musical goal. I work with anyone and any population in need of assistance and willing to benefit from my interventions. Although music-making is essential, there will be a plan to reach a specific objective or a set of therapeutic goals over a period of time. Recent current engagements include children with autism, senior population with Parkinson and Alzheimer, adults recovering from stroke,and prolonged stress.