Discover the joy of playing remotely with one another. Virtual Ensembles (Multi-screens) give us the chance to stay connected and create some wonderful and satisfying artistic output. We are living unprecedented times. But we can make the most of technology and stay connected. We are therefore following the trend!

We offer you the unique opportunity to create your own virtual music ensemble.


Please contact us to receive information on how to set up a virtual ensemble. Such projects are new and exciting for all participants. The benefits are:
• It keeps us practising
• We are challenged by recording something
• We meet other people we perhaps would never meet otherwise
• We can play with anyone all over the world
• We can even invite a “ star performer” to collaborate with us
• Zoom sessions to prepare this can be fun
• It fosters original composition and creation

Multi-screens are professionally designed with quality audio mixing and mastering
Contact us to get a quote and discuss your preferences